SATE Kimya, the manufacturer of SATE economic paints and Satelux, has been serving the paint and chemical industry for more than 20 years in its facility in Kemalpaşa, Izmir.
Nowadays, as the natural resources are exhausted and the hazardous wastes are a big problem for our environment, especially in terms of fossil energy sources, Sate Kimya helps to reduce the environmental pollution as well as contributing to the sparing use of our limited resources by recovering the wastes containing organic solvents.
With an annual capacity of 10000 tons in the area of ​​11000 square meters, the establishment, waste and product storage tanks, distillation units, R & D and quality control laboratory are reintroduced to the economy by processing organic solvents with petroleum derivatives with their educated and conscious personnel on the seriousness of their work.
As a result of R & D studies in the field of chemistry and product development, SATE has made a significant progress in transforming the remaining paint sludge into product after recovery of solvents in the wastes from the paint industry. Waste paints classified according to color groups are marketed under the brand of Sate Economic Industrial Paint following the addition of the necessary chemical additives and color standardization and attracted great interest with attractive prices. The company believes that recycling products should be of certain quality standards,and presents the recycling paints with 16 standard colors to its customers and continues to work to improve the quality of the paint. The extensive dealer network is increasing its presence and accessibility of Turkey’s brand around the sate.
The company also produces first-class luxury industrial paints which do not contain any recyclable product and offers it under the Satelux brand. Satelux brand paints are the most important indicator of the strong demand for quality policy and price policy.